Lots and lots of bloggers have the “100 things about me” list… the earliest blog meme? Here’s to tradition…

1. This is my very first blog. My second one was just born today (2 May 06) but I’m not telling too much about that one yet.

2. I’m going to library school this fall.

3. A little voice in me wonders if I should actually be pursuing linguistics or English, but those degrees just don’t seem practical.

4. I figure, with the job I can get with the library degree, I’ll be able to keep taking classes and *then* get the degree in English or linguistics.

5. I was a History major in college but should have majored in English then, too.

6. I like reading it, I just don’t really think of myself as a writer.

7. I mean, how many film critics does the world need?

8. I really like watching movies, but I HATE television with a passion.

9. Namely, I hate the commercials. I hate them on radio, too.

10. I think commericals are aimed at making everyone feel stupid till they buy something stupid.

11. Even though I hate commericials and try to avoid them, I still end up buying something stupid sometimes.

12. But I see nothing wrong with buying books or CDs… I have a lot of those.

13. I always expect some Connie Willis-style disaster to happen on full moon Friday the 13ths. These would be very funny disasters, of course.

14. Connie Willis is one of my favorite authors.

15. Her book “Passage” has a fascinating theory on near death experiences that made me really wonder about those last moments.

16. I don’t fear death for my own sake; I worry about the people close to me.

17. I’ve never been to a funeral thank god.

18. I did like the first few seasons of Six Feet Under.

19. I watched them on DVD = no commercials.

20. It’s hard for me to watch anything when it’s nice outside.

21. When I was a kid, I didn’t do much outside at all. Bookworm. Go figure.

22. I taught myself to ride a bike when I was 21 years old. Yes, 21. I was in college.

23. I got up in the mornings just before sunrise so that no one would see me stopping and starting, stopping and starting.

24. When I could finally pedal and balance at the same time, I tried to keep that ride going as long as possible just in case I couldn’t do it again right away.

25. I still have to learn to drive stick. I have to learn before the May 31st Road Trip (2006, that is).

26. If there were no other drivers in the world, I would LOVE driving.

27. There are LOTS of other drivers in the world; I really don’t like driving.

28. I might be developing a phobia of driving with a clutch.

29. At the same time, I fantasize about driving stick as smoothly as that blonde in Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead.

30. But I’ve always liked Jeep Cherokees (boxy old-fashioned kind).

31. When I was in Germany, I thought the Audi TT was the sexiest car ever.

32. I don’t think the Audi TT looks as sexy in the States.

33. I think I could be very happy living the rest of my life without owning a car ever again.

34. Of course, that means I’ll be living in cities with strong public transportation.

35. Or I’ll get a new bike.

36. My last bike was stolen within my first two weeks of moving to Corvallis. No honeymoon period there.

37. I’ve hitchhiked twice – once in Georgia and once in Germany.

38. Also hitchhiked that time in Ireland after the U2 concert, but I was with a whole bunch of other girls so it didn’t seem to really count.

39. U2 used to be my all-time favorite band till they started pitching iPods.

40. Nowadays Pink Martini is pretty close to being my all-time fave, but I’m branching out into other stuff, too.

41. Pink Martini is sort of the “our band” for Lori and me.

42. Lori is one my all-time favorite people. Even when she’s grumpy.

43. Moving is making us both very grumpy.

44. I’ve moved (…counting…) about 10 12 times.

45. I didn’t drink coffee till I moved to Germany.

46. Then I drank too much coffee in college and now I just drink tea.

47. In fact, I make Lori and me soy chais (plural of chai?) every morning.

48. One of my goals for Illinois is to develop a full morning routine, beyond the soy chai and into exercise, reading, writing.

49. My fantasy weekend morning routine would be waking up with Lori, having breakfast & soy chai in a sunny, big-windowed room, each of us reading a newspaper while the dogs chew up their tennis balls.

50. I have read the first 3 books of Spenser’s The Faerie Queene. Be wary of midway points.

51. I dream of creating (or collaborating on) a hyperlinked edtion of James Joyce’s Ulysses, with links in the text to the places, people, events, and myths that Joyce uses. I wish I had had that edition when I read Ulysses.

52. I’m a sucker for Modernism.

53. I still don’t fully understand post-modernism. And what are we in right now?

54. Besides English, my other dream degree is Film Studies so I’ll get credit for watching Bergman and Kurosawa… and have discussions about the films.

55. In the end, I’ll probably end up being a Postal Carrier so I can be outside.

56. Inexplicably, in the middle of college, I started to love the outdoors. Not a fan of bugs, not big on camping, but I love reading, walking, sleeping outdoors.

57. I don’t read as thoroughly or as quickly as I used to, yet I take a heck of a lot more notes now.

58. I have a half-sized black 3-ring binder for all my book notes.

59. I use grid paper folded in half, hole-punch the folded side; it becomes my bookmark and my note paper.

60. When I’m done with the book, the paper goes in my binder.

61. I need to organize that little book notes binder.

62. However, I *have* organized our photo collection. I’m very proud of myself for creating my own file-naming system.

63. Makes me feel like I’ve accomplished primitive cataloging… I name by date (yyyymmdd), then place and set number (Seattle01, Seattle02) and a one or two word description (Downtown01, 02, 03).

64. I love figuring out how best to use new gadgets.

65. But I’m anti-iPod (poor product) and pro-iAudio (better product).

66. I know there will come a day when many people won’t be listening to CDs anymore, but just little digital music players (maybe that day has already passed?) but I still can’t bring myself to get rid of CDs.

67. I really like reading the liner notes. For bands like When in Rome, that’s the only place to get their lyrics.

68. When I was in high school, most of my CDs were broadway shows.

69. I haven’t listened to them in years.

70. For some reason, I feel guilty about #69.

71. My tastes have changed in other ways, too: I’ve been vegetarian since January 1st and, when possible, I try to eat vegan.

72. My taste in clothes has gone from J. Peterman (wishful thinking) to the more practical REI zip-off pants idea.

73. My taste in movies… hasn’t changed much.

74. I still love surprise endings… they are few and far between.

75. I love surprising people, too. Especially my girlfriend.

76. I’ve learned that I’m not very good at keeping secrets long enough to maintain the surprise element of the surprise.

77. I like 77 because that number looks like it has mystical properties… if there are such things.

78. I don’t think Dan Brown is that great a writer. His dialogues, they suck.

79. But I greatly enjoyed the whole Vatican Archives stuff from Angels and Demons. Imagine – the archival climate control might kill you!

80. I would love to get an internship working in the Library of Congress sound archives. To be the first person to hear that lost recording of T. Monk and J. Coltrane in Carnegie Hall??? Sweet!

81. I’ve been to New York but I didn’t go inside Carnegie Hall.

82. But on two different occasions (and two different trips! I think) a friend and I stumbled upon Thoth playing under the arches in Central Park.

83. My favorite American cities are still Portland and Seattle.

84. Two friends of ours are getting married in Seattle… a month after we move to Illinois. Ouch.

85. I really hope we’ll be happy in Illinois.

86. I’m looking forward to having dramatic weather again… tornadoes, thunderstorms, snow, blizzards. The Willamette Valley is spoiled, I tell ya. It’s always more or less “nice” here.

87. I need a haircut.

88. I have no idea what would be the right hair style for me so I just keep getting it cut.

89. Today is the third day I’ve been working on this list in bits and pieces.

90. I don’t know how to cook.

91. I am learning how to cook.

92. I have one brother, one sister, both younger.

93. I have about a dozen or so cousins, all younger.

94. I also have three nephews now. very, very young.

95. I am super, super bad about birthdays.

96. I’m even trying to forget my own birthday so I won’t know how old I am.

97. But I like to remember my birth time. (10:04)

98. I started kindergarten in Iceland, so I’ve been half a year younger than my peers in every grade since.

99. I won’t have to worry about that in grad school… in fact, I might feel old.

100. I only have 26 days left in this town.