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If you wear many hats but use gmail to send emails from these many hats, I bet you’ve wished for a way to have different signatures, depending on the context and the recipient.

A-ha!  Look in “Labs” and you’ll see a neat trick called “Canned Responses”.

Enable that, save your settings.

Now compose a new email but in the body just type one of the signatures you want.  Click the drop down “Canned Responses” (it should be in the same line with “Add CC” and “Attach a file”…) and select “Save >> New canned response”.  Give it a name and click OK.

New Canned Response

New Canned Response

Now after you’ve typed an email that needs that signature, just go to “Canned Responses >> Insert >> signature” and voila.

Insert Canned Response

Insert Canned Response


A brain dump of recent posts I’m seeing about e-reader devices.  Full disclosure:  I totally lean toward the iPod Touch.  It’s small.  It serves many, many other functions.  And it doesn’t seem nearly as clumsy as a Kindle.   But I also like the Sony Reader.  In fact, it’s the Sony Reader that I’ve seen a couple times on my city bus.  I have yet to see a Kindle *anywhere*.  But don’t listen to me, see what other folks are saying …

Roy Tennant

Sony Reader

iPhone / Touch app Instapaper:

iPhone as eReader:

Things I want someone to make for me:



1. a camera umbrella that attaches to the tripod mount but still allows me to attach any tripod, too

CHECK:  someone has already made this!

2. a program that gives me slick graph reports of my iTunes library, kind of like Trends in Google Reader or like this guy’s pie chart or something that combines all these programs together with easy GUI goodness.

Which artists do I have the most music from?  Which artists do I skip the most often? What are my top genres by frequency in playlists? I need to know these things.

Snapshots from this past weekend that stick out for me:

– watching The Nomi Song on Friday night. I'd never heard of Klaus Nomi before we watched the movie, and now I want a CD (sucka). As far as the movie itself … why doesn't anyone ever point out that Klaus' early look is straight out of a Fritz Lang movie? Did anyone else catch his "Falling in Love Again" sounding almost EXACTLY like Marlene Dietrich? Do I just get excited about that stuff because I haven't practiced my German in, oh, decades?

– Thursday night we were in Eugene, stopped at a funky place for pizza where – just a few minutes later – a band starting pounding out electronica. We couldn't see them since we sitting on the other side of the order counter, but we stopped to watch on our way out. They were playing *laptops*!!

– Ugly gaudy fashion is in. Extreme gender roles are in. Ick, ick, ick.

– I saw this in one of the Ugly Gaudy stores. Felt humor and horror at the same time:

Retro Headset

ULIV 1S … this was the license plate of a car we passed on the interstate. When I figured out it meant "you live once" I smiled.

I've been reading blogs all day, trying to find the ones that I want to subscribe to, and after just a few hours of linking, linking, linking, I start asking myself "how do these people do this all day? Why do they do this all day?" But I have to remind myself that it only feels like they do it all day because I'm trying to catch up all in one day (won't happen, I understand that).

But seriously… have you ever noticed how many blog entires are simply about blogging? They blog to write about the act of blogging (as I'm doing right now, yes) and I get impatient / frustrated with that because I don't even want to be on this computer right now anyway. It's SPRING outside, for heaven's sake. Why are we taking the Internet so seriously? If the world ends tomorrow, will a blog help you start a fire? Help you find food? How long will your little 6-cell battery last if there's no power in the first place?

What I'm trying to say is… how important are all these new electronic communication methods? I've heard people say they feel like the convenience gadgets aren't actually saving us any time, just making life more complicated and/or less fulfilling. I think about that a lot, actually. I wonder if that kind of sentiment is actually saying more about our misconceptions of the past than it is about our present day lives, or if, on the other hand, it might be true.

When I ask "are these things important" I don't mean in a global change-the-world way. I mean in a will-you-be-happy-about-living-this-way-on-the-day-you-die kind of important. When we look back on everything we've done, will blogging even matter?

This is all to say… I'm going outside.

See the blossoms.

I confess. I've been surfing. And I haven't joined the band wagon yet, so I'm leaving a short but varying collection of links here that have interested me for today:

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