Occasionally I like to glance over the stats for this little blog and see which pages people find the most often. I try to just ignore that the post with the car crash pictures is far and away the most popular, week after week. I’m not even going to link back to it right now.

But in the top three of popular pages is one of my tags. Yes, a tag. The weird tag, specifically. So I looked over the page to see what was there … a lot of literary-ish stuff mostly, talking about Bukowski and Tom Waits and even a little Ray Bradbury.

But the post that caught my eye – today of all days – was a post about Father’s Day from two years ago when my dad wasn’t speaking to me. I am happy to report that, not only did my dad and I have a good long conversation on the phone today, but we even agreed about something! Namely, that the oil companies roadblock any feasible alternative energy initiatives, but anyway… it’s a good feeling to look back and know that progress has been made. Very important progress. Love you, Dad.