My first year of graduate school is over!!  Gaah!  As you can see from the activity on this blog, I haven’t really had any time to myself for a few weeks now.  So as is my style, a few bullets:

– I’ve sort of reconciled myself with the whole idea of my dad going to Iraq.  We’ve talked quite a bit more on the phone in the last couple weeks than we usually do in two months.  We’ve reached the deal-with-this-through-humor stage, and I’m teasing him about getting Prince Harry’s autograph while he’s over there.  I think what helped the most was looking ahead to his homecoming in August and we’re already planning on a nice little family reunion, so we all have something to look forward to.  Something as simple as a goal or a plan can be wonderful therapy.

– I haven’t read blogs or RSS feeds in almost a month, so my apologies to all my friends who posted earth-shattering news on their blogs and haven’t heard from me.  This weekend = catch up.

– With classes over, I’ve done two things this week that I never thought I would do …

– First, I have wholeheartedly listened to and enjoyed some country music.  My lovely girlfriend checked out the video “Shut up and sing” about the Dixie Chicks, which was a great film, and afterward we listened to “Not ready to make nice” in various YouTube editions from the video to the Grammys.  It was such a perfect song for the whole situation with my dad — and so fitting in light of where the song came from.  Mind you, I’m not angry at my dad at all. I’m still worried sick about him.  As I said in the last post, I’m dumbfounded that our government has let all this happen.  But anyways…

– Second, I signed up on Facebook.  Two reasons went into this – for starters, I’m taking a class in the Fall on Social Networks, specfically the online kind (as opposed to the theory) so I figured I should know something more than just blogs and Flickr.  Secondly, I’ve met some great people in a class this term who use Facebook a lot, so much so that it comes up in conversation regularly.  Some of these people are graduating and it appears that Facebook will be the best way of keeping in touch.  Why was I resisting?  Well, I used to work with a couple people who were giving MySpace a try, and it seemed like the whole idea was a great big meat-market-singles-bar type thing.  And the bar was primarily inhabited by teenagers, to boot.  So I wasn’t interested.  Facebook, at least, seems a little better organized and, I don’t know, grown-up maybe.  We’ll see.

– It’s summer!  Such glorious long sunlight hours!  I’m trying to enjoy it as much as I can now, because I know I’ll be miserable in about a month when the heavy, heat-laden, humid air returns and suffocates us all.  Hopefully this year won’t be so bad since we’re not coming straight from Oregon.

– I have lots of thoughts about library-related matters, but that will have to be a separate post.  Although this term was crazy busy, it was also extremely rich in information and ideas. More to come. For now, I leave you with a cheeky fun music video that I lifted from Unexpected Librarian: