News and thoughts I just wanted to share:

– First, the really big news … nah, I’ll save it for the end.

– First, let me put down on record (for the sake of the future me who might grumble about living in the Midwest) that I really like the Spring we’re having even with the crazy weather snaps that go from 80 degrees one week to 30 degrees the next.  The loud apocalyptic thunderstorms are the best part.

– Secondly, I stumbled on a new comic and wanted to share this one with you.

– Thirdly,  I think I found the above comic on an old blog string over at Librarian Avengers about library schools, namely, the almighty question “which library school should I choose” … I wish I had seen such a post on the schools I was considering back when I was waffling.  We need a wiki by, about, and for library school students (hey, Librarienne clone! get on that, would ya?) in which we give each other a heads up about schools, classes, starting new jobs and so forth.  UIUC’s GSLIS has a great set of online bulletin boards for everyone to post questions and answers about job stuff, but there’s no way we would start comparing notes on classes because we know the faculty read those boards as much as – if not more than – the students. And those boards can only be accessed by folks with a GSLIS login.  Seems like a similar resource for the larger library student community would be a simple thing to set up, and having a larger base of participants might make it easier for students to give honest anonymous feedback about their programs.  As far as populating it with info, this is where having so few schools to choose from will be to our benefit.  I remember reading the “getting into grad school” guides, which advised prospective students to apply to at least 5 programs.  “Ha!” I thought.  “I can only think of 3 places I’d even want to go!”   And as we see in the Librarian Avenger post, that student was only considering 2 schools.  Some people, due to location or resources, only have 1 choice.  The implications of this could be explored in many different ways, of course.  Some day when I’m not a grad student myself, I’ll look into it.

– Last but not least … I got my dream job!!!  Well, it’s a student job here on campus, but it’s at *the* place that made me decide to even apply here.  I’ll be practicing all the things I love: technology, languages, international relations, trainings and tours.  Yippee!  Yippee!  I’ll start later this summer right before the fall semester and I. Can’t. Wait.