Back in my journal-keeping days (which have become fewer and farther between since this blog began… that’s okay, actually), I had a guilty-pleasure ritual of selecting a new journal whenever I felt like my outlook / mood / life had changed enough for a new… chapter, let’s say.

For some reason, it took a week’s worth of classes to make me finally want a new look to go with my new house, climate, job, and future.  So I played around with some more images I have, and I’m fairly settled on this puffin above – until another suitable period of change comes along.  Hopefully I haven’t lost any posts or comments with the new template, but that has been known to happen.

I probably need a new journal, too, but a little bit of lingering nostalgia or homesickness has me hanging on to the one I’ve been using.  It’s a really nice journal and I’ve only filled half the pages… too soon to retire it.