Let me start by saying this will be a brief post.  However, I will say at least one good thing!

The bad first – last night I went for a long walk.  It was 77 degrees outside, which in Northwest terms would mean a perfect pleasant evening.  In Illinois terms, the temperature doesn’t matter, it’s always freaking miserable.  The air is made of sweat.  You walk through, breathe in, 100% sweat.  Even if you were sitting perfectly still, you would still sweat simply because the Illinois air was touching you.

The good parts – people.  The night before last, Lori and I had drinks with a wonderful bunch of people – funny, sharp, interesting, relaxed.  Exactly what a Saturday night gathering should be.  Mind you, all of these people are imports like us, but that’s just another thing we all had in common… besides all being dog owners with wacky dog stories.  There will never be a shortage of laughs where there are good dog stories.  Tho’ the image of a toddler going all Nietzsche on a Wal-Mart cashier is absolutely priceless.  It even cheered me up after the not-so-perfect walk. Thank you for that, M & J!