Okay, I promised to say more so here it is.  Saturday was a super emotional day for us.  We had been told by at least three different people last week that the places we *just* saw in the newspaper were already rented, one landlord told us there’s another rush of would-be renters in late July (coming up!), we’re afraid that we’ll end up in a place much more expensive than we planned, and we’re getting really, really, I mean really tired of living out of suitcases.

Then we go to this apartment showing scheduled at 12:30.  The landlord lives up in Chicagoland.  He bought this place for his son to live in while going to school and has kept it since then as a rental.  It’s a duplex, but the only walls shared by the two units are between their respective garages – bonus.  It comes with a washer & dryer – another bonus.  It’s two-bedrooms, hardwood-like floors, and has a  nice big fenced-in backyard.  To top it all off, it was completely within our budget.  This was meant to be.

The landlord, however, played hardball with us.  Said another couple had just looked at it that morning and were really interested but didn’t want to move in till the end of July.  If we wanted to move in sooner, say next week, then he might consider… hmm… haw… .   Well, this was by far the best place we’d seen.  So we fill out the application then and there.  With the pressure, we agree to the early move in (even though we’ve already paid July’s rent at our current sublet) and then we leave and wait.  And wait. And wait.

We sat through dinner feeling kinda sorry for ourselves.  Rehashing the whole thing over and over to get some clues from things he’d said about whether or not he would rent to us in the first place.  See, we got a little bit of a conservative vibe from him (may or may not be true, don’t know) and we were worried that being an all-girl couple might have scared him off.  And we’re pretty sure that the first couple looking at the place didn’t even turn in an application yet.  Why is the world so unfair, yadda, yadda.

But then that evening he finally called and said we got it, did we want to pick up the garage door opener the next day, and he would bring the lease and keys this coming weekend.  Yes, sure, great, thank you very much.  Only then did we realize just how knotted up we had been inside all day.  With the relief of having a place to go, we felt emotionally exhausted.  Which is silly, isn’t it?  It’s just a rental!  I don’t know what kind of wave of anxiety we were caught up in, or how we got caught up in it, but it was over at least.

Last night we went to look over the place by ourselves.  On the down side, we discovered that almost all of the windows are broken in one way or another – as far as being able to open.  But it’s mainly the storm windows so that should be fairly easy to fix/replace.  On the up side, we let the dogs off leash in the backyard – their first outdoor off-leash experience in a long, long time – and they were the happiest dogs you have ever seen.  They raced each other around the yard over and over, jumped over each other, tackled each other, raced some more.  When we finally brought them inside, Koa propped her snout on the kitchen windowsill, stared out into the backyard and whined, whined, whined.  It was very cute and pathetic.

Oh, and please, dear readers, send me ideas and good vibes for covering/ignoring the mustard-colored paint in the living room and the bad wallpaper in the kitchen.  Lori, don’t worry, it won’t bother me.  I’m just constantly seeing all the things I would change if I were the owner.  The kitchen is actually HUGE – with lots of cabinets and plenty of counter space and a great big area for a table & chairs.  The biggest kitchen we’ve ever had.  And the living room has a nice wide window looking out over the front yard.  More pluses than minuses.  I will get pictures on our next trip over there.