We watched the movie Adaptation a couple days ago.  One of the little details that caught my attention was the Charlie Kaufman character using a typewriter.   At first, I thought maybe the filmmakers were going after an 80s feel – what with Charlie's bad hair and flannel shirts.  But no, his twin used a computer, the Susan Orlean character used a computer, and even strange LaRoche had his computer-porn business.  Why give Charlie a typewriter?  My interpretation was that his character does everything the hard way, makes everything harder for himself, so… naturally… he'll compose his screenplay on a typewriter.  'Course it could be even simpler than that – maybe it just seemed to suit the character in general. 

Anyway, the point is I related to Charlie via his typewriter.  I recognize that sometimes I do things the hard way, whether I mean to or not.  But where Charlie must have been aware of the computer option, I'm usually using the "typewriter" because I don't realize there's an easier/better way (not to say anything against typewriters; I even have a pin made out of old "shift" and "tabular" keys).    

 P.S.  Curious what the real Susan Orlean thought of the Meryl Streep Susan Orlean?  Read here.