Snapshots from this past weekend that stick out for me:

– watching The Nomi Song on Friday night. I'd never heard of Klaus Nomi before we watched the movie, and now I want a CD (sucka). As far as the movie itself … why doesn't anyone ever point out that Klaus' early look is straight out of a Fritz Lang movie? Did anyone else catch his "Falling in Love Again" sounding almost EXACTLY like Marlene Dietrich? Do I just get excited about that stuff because I haven't practiced my German in, oh, decades?

– Thursday night we were in Eugene, stopped at a funky place for pizza where – just a few minutes later – a band starting pounding out electronica. We couldn't see them since we sitting on the other side of the order counter, but we stopped to watch on our way out. They were playing *laptops*!!

– Ugly gaudy fashion is in. Extreme gender roles are in. Ick, ick, ick.

– I saw this in one of the Ugly Gaudy stores. Felt humor and horror at the same time:

Retro Headset

ULIV 1S … this was the license plate of a car we passed on the interstate. When I figured out it meant "you live once" I smiled.