I've been reading blogs all day, trying to find the ones that I want to subscribe to, and after just a few hours of linking, linking, linking, I start asking myself "how do these people do this all day? Why do they do this all day?" But I have to remind myself that it only feels like they do it all day because I'm trying to catch up all in one day (won't happen, I understand that).

But seriously… have you ever noticed how many blog entires are simply about blogging? They blog to write about the act of blogging (as I'm doing right now, yes) and I get impatient / frustrated with that because I don't even want to be on this computer right now anyway. It's SPRING outside, for heaven's sake. Why are we taking the Internet so seriously? If the world ends tomorrow, will a blog help you start a fire? Help you find food? How long will your little 6-cell battery last if there's no power in the first place?

What I'm trying to say is… how important are all these new electronic communication methods? I've heard people say they feel like the convenience gadgets aren't actually saving us any time, just making life more complicated and/or less fulfilling. I think about that a lot, actually. I wonder if that kind of sentiment is actually saying more about our misconceptions of the past than it is about our present day lives, or if, on the other hand, it might be true.

When I ask "are these things important" I don't mean in a global change-the-world way. I mean in a will-you-be-happy-about-living-this-way-on-the-day-you-die kind of important. When we look back on everything we've done, will blogging even matter?

This is all to say… I'm going outside.

See the blossoms.