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New Blog!

Starting February 2012 I'm combining my two blogs into one:

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  • Today is the day the past 10 days catch up with me. ::zonk:: ::zzzzzz:: 4 hours ago
  • It’s that time of year again - off to spend two days in the woods with librarians. This time I am smart enough to bring beer. 3 days ago
  • RT @TheMediaTweets: Brands. If you REALLY must 'banter' with each other, here's a tip. If it's not as good as this you're doing it wrong ht… 3 days ago
  • Want for Bend RT @fellowplanner: Neat idea - a map that shows the slope of streets in a town… View on Twitter 3 days ago
  • Thank you, Portland, it was fun! Now heading home to Bend with U2 blasting. 5 days ago



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